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On "Qianyu artifact" As the engine of the world green revolution

On "Qianyu artifact" As the engine of the world green revolution

- Natural System Control And Utilization Theory (Preface) -

Author: Qian Li

June 16, 2021


The popularization and application of cement has played a great role in the development of human society. Cement as cementitious material is the traditional artificial rock mass technology, which is the dependence of human society development and also forms a bottleneck for human society development. Traditional construction methods of concrete artificial rock mass have many disadvantages, such as complex technology, numerous equipment, high cost, low efficiency, high energy consumption, high pollution and long construction period.sufficiently, the construction of artificial rock mass becomes delicate and delicate. Traditional construction methods of masonry artificial rock mass have disadvantages such as poor quality, low efficiency and long construction period due to the use of artificial masonry. Flushing and filling mortar stone (JCRY) technology, especially the core equipment of "Qianyu artifact-filling mortar stone technology".The successful development completely overturned the traditional construction method of artificial rock mass.JCRY construction method has the advantages of good quality, fast speed, low cost, durability, simple process, energy-saving and environmental protection, and full use of floor materials.words break through the illusion that people have recognized the characteristics of cement slurry and its mixtures in the past 200 years and also break out a new system of natural theory for transformation, which is the product of combining theory with practice. It causes earth-shaking changes in the construction methods of artificial rock mass and brings tremendous power to the development of human society. There is a "Qianyu artifact"."Humanity can think freely and easily form a 1000-year permanent project according to the structure people need. Nature can be boldly used to transform nature, and the green great wall can be seen everywhere, realizing the great wish of regulating wind, water and holding up rivers. The "Qianyu artifact" provides a new engine for the green revolution in the world!

Key words: cement, artificial rock mass, JCRY technology, masonry, concrete, "Qianyu artifact, green revolution, nature, water resources, water and energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, mountain and river management, rivers and rivers, wind and water regulation, tile formation, millennial project, green great wall, engine.

I. Traditional artificial rock mass technology with cement as cementing material

Artificial rock mass is a subject that human beings have been exploring all the time, because the development of human society can not do without infrastructure construction. In the process of infrastructure construction, human beings desire a solid, stable and durable structure.

Since 1824, British Aspdin invented stable polish cement and introduced the age of artificial rock mass with cement as cementing material for human being. With the popularization and application of cement, artificial rock mass structure with cement as cementing material has become more and more dependent on human society infrastructure construction. Water conservancy (dam construction, channel, diversion, river course, etc.)infrastructure construction of ports, ports, bridges, construction projects, national defense projects and other industries are inseparable from artificial rock mass structure with cement as cementitious material.

Since the success of cement research, human beings have been exploring cementing cementing materials to form three artificial rock mass systems, namely, cement mortar, masonry and concrete.

1. Three technical systems of cement mortar, masonry and concrete

(1) Cement mortar

Cement mortar is an encapsulated structure of cement mortar encapsulating sand. Because pure cement mortar uses large amount of cement, has low structural strength, high cost, large temperature and volume shrinkage deformation, it is generally used for surface treatment, bonding and other auxiliary functions, and generally does not form artificial rock mass structure separately.

(2) Masonry

Mortar masonry is a stone masonry using cement mortar and a bonding structure bonded by artificial masonry and cement mortar. The masonry construction technology is a major revolution of masonry, which not only solves the cost of masonry structure to a certain extent and large amount of energy consumption, but also greatly improves the service life of structures. Local materials can be directly used to large-volume buildings such as hydraulic dams.face application. With the popularization and application of construction methods of mortar and stone masonry, it is found that cement mortar changes from flow state to flow state in a short time due to the hydration reaction of cement and the appearance of solid characteristics of stabilized sand. Even adding some additives can not fundamentally change this situation. This means that the construction method of mortar and stone masonry can not be implemented first and then rockfill grouting. The construction of grouting stone is mainly by manual masonry. In order to ensure the construction quality of grouting stone, the stone, block or stone is generally used with a thickness of not less than 200 mm in the middle of the stone. It is required to use block by block grouting and horizontal masonry. These provisions undoubtedly have necessary guarantee function to ensure the construction quality of grouting stone, and also determine that the construction speed is slow and can not be used to the maximum extent.local materials. Whether natural or artificially exploited, a large number of wastes are produced. For water retaining structures, since the mortar masonry structure itself cannot prevent seepage, seepage-proof measures such as concrete panels or core walls must be added, which not only affects the construction progress, but also increases the construction cost. The mortar masonry structure is damaged by frost heaving, mortar weathering, service life and building safety.whole, construction period, use of local materials, etc., can not fully meet people's ideal requirements. Therefore, compared with economy and technology, it is rarely used in large-scale projects, even in small and medium-sized projects.

(3) Concrete

Concrete refers to artificial rock mass, which is composed of cement as main cementing material, water, sand and stone, chemical additives and mineral additives if necessary, and matched in proper proportion, and is evenly mixed, compacted, cured and hardened.concrete is mainly divided into two stages and states: The plastic state before hardening, i.e. Fresh concrete or concrete mixture; and the hard state after hardening, i.e. Hardened concrete or concrete.

Concrete is an encapsulated artificial rock mass structure composed of cement-coated sand and cement-mortar-coated stone. The construction process of concrete is often to mix into a fluid mixture at the concrete mixing station according to a certain material mixing ratio, form a fluid-plastic state after transportation and warehousing, and wake up the fluid-plastic state concrete again to flow-concrete and solidify it by vibration.

The invention of concrete is another major breakthrough in cement application. Compared with masonry, concrete has advantages of impermeability, mechanized construction, better intensity exponential, better durability, especially for small section structures of slabs, beams and columns. The successful invention of concrete has brought tremendous momentum to the development of human society and provided strong support for infrastructure construction in various industries.rock-solid, stable and durable artificial rock mass structure. It gradually becomes the dependence of various industries, and concrete structure becomes the symbol of absolute structural safety. In some engineering structural schemes, unless limited by economic conditions, more attention is paid to cost advantage, and other structural forms are adopted reluctantly, concrete structure must be preferred.the emergence of reinforced concrete promotes the application of concrete to a broader range, such as houses, bridges and other structures with special stress, crack resistance and high impact requirements. The research on concrete structure has gone through generations for more than one hundred years and covers the whole world. Human beings have a deep understanding of concrete, from schools, scientific research and design.construction, specifications, regulatory authorities, etc. Are strictly implementing various regulations on concrete structure, which shows that human beings attach importance to and rely on concrete. Concrete structure is the dependence of human society development and the bottleneck of human society development. Construction technology is complicated, construction links are numerous, construction speed is slow, construction cost is high, energy consumption is high, environmental impact is great.a series of problems, such as the difficulty of temperature control and crack prevention, can not be fundamentally solved, which has seriously restricted the development of human society. People have also tried to overcome some shortcomings of conventional concrete. The united states has studied the construction method of RCC and japan has studied the construction method of RCD.Whether it is RCC in the united states or RCD in japan.roller-compacted concrete construction method is realized by huge concrete mixing system and expensive rolling equipment, i.e. Large amount of equipment input and high energy consumption in exchange for concrete construction speed and cement consumption savings (cost reduction to solve temperature control problems)RCC is only suitable for large-volume construction, and its impermeability is a fatal defect in hydraulic dam construction. Although RCD uses "Gold-silver clad" (conventional concrete clad with RCC)it is also impossible to completely solve the problem of temperature control of mass concrete. Roller-compacted concrete is an exploration of the reform of conventional concrete, and its pros and cons are measured. It has been proved by practice that it is impossible to replace the construction method of conventional concrete. Rock-fill concrete is a variable concrete construction method combining self-compacting concrete with traditional riprap concrete. Its structure is close to that of mortar-stone.the construction method of rock-fill concrete has a certain degree of mechanization compared with that of mortar masonry and solved the problem of large volume temperature control to a certain extent compared with conventional concrete construction method. However, such construction method can not be widely applied due to its own impermeability and too complicated construction technology. For more than one hundred years, worldwide research, design, construction, etc.the experts and scholars of the department are all trying their best to break through the bottleneck of concrete to the development of human society. However, there is no substantive breakthrough in the research centering on concrete, which leads to more and more confinement of artificial rock mass in the concrete construction method. The reason is that we do not grasp the substantive understanding of cement characteristics and the correct breakthrough direction!

Briefly analyze the concrete construction method and process:

(4) Mass concrete

Cement quantity: Conventional concrete (200-300kg/m3), intensity exponential: C10-c35;

Sand: Since concrete is an encapsulated artificial rock mass structure, the quality of sand directly affects various intensity exponentiales of concrete, the quality of sand used for concrete construction must be strictly required.sand used for concrete construction consists of natural river sand and artificial sand. Natural river sand conforms to less concrete construction, and a large number of land occupation and screening equipment are available for screening and storage input, as well as increased transportation costs, result in increased costs and energy consumption. Artificial sand, from strictly selected stones to processed into qualified sand, consumes more labor.

Framework: concrete mixing used in concrete construction are also divided into natural river gravel concrete mixing and artificial concrete mixing. Natural concrete mixing are generally selected and selected. Each screening not only takes up a large amount of land, huge equipment input, environmental protection of the waste, repeated inversion, large amount of energy consumption, etc., which determines the aggregate cost of concrete construction. Artificial concrete mixing range from strictly selected stone quarry to processing.qualified concrete mixing, equipment investment and energy consumption are considerable.

Concrete mixing system: Huge storage system of concrete mixing, conveying system, mixing system of concrete, concrete transportation system, etc., each system is the embodiment of equipment consumption, energy consumption and great investment in human and material resources. What is not paid attention to or can not be taken into account is that the mixing system of conventional concrete can not solve the problem of cement "concrete mixing".the existence of cement has an effect on cement cementing strength (5-15%); the hydration reaction of cement from mixing to pouring has a serious effect on the intensity exponential of concrete!

Concrete placing: Transport from mixing system to placing site is a process of equipment consumption and energy consumption. Due to the limitation of temperature control of concrete, large volume concrete has to be poured by block, warehouse division, vibrating, freezing and chipping. Block and warehouse placing requires a lot of touch boards. Vibrating, freezing and chipping require not only a lot of manpower, but also a lot of manpower.restrict the construction speed.

Temperature control of concrete: Since the birth of concrete construction method, all engineers and technicians have suffered headaches which can not be fundamentally solved. People have used air-cooled and water-cooled (ice-water) at any cost.measures such as precooling concrete mixing and temperature control of pouring surface can reduce the warehousing temperature of concrete placing as much as possible, as well as measures such as embedding cooling pipes to offset the temperature rise of hydration reaction after concrete placing. In fact, the amount of cement used for conventional concrete (200-300kg/m3)therefore, the temperature rise of hydration reaction caused by such a large amount of cement is difficult to control quantitatively or in time. Some measures can only alleviate or improve temperature cracks.

(5) Commodity concrete

This is a new industry, which appears to be uniform in size and manageable on the surface, but actually increases the cost and energy consumption of concrete. From various material yards to commercial concrete mixing stations, and then to concrete mixing stations, we can see the increase of equipment investment and energy consumption as well as environmental pollution from the huge fleet of repeated transports.

II. JCRY technology

Filling mortar stone technology (JCRY) is a new construction technology, in which field-mixed cement slurry is mixed twice by special mortar mixer and then directly filled into the rockfill body to form a stone body with the rockfill as the frame and the mortar as the cement.

The core technology of JCRY technology, strictly speaking, has already been broken through successfully in the dam reinforcement project of Nie Rong hydropower station in Tibet in 1997. This technology is a completely mature and reliable practical technology which combines theory with practice and has been tested by practice for more than 20 years! "Qianyu artifact(core equipment of Filling mortar stone technology)" successful research and development has completely changed the mixing method of concrete. Move the mixing of concrete to the construction site, mix as much as possible with mixing as needed. It not only avoids repeated transportation of concrete concrete mixing, long-distance transportation of concrete, the influence of cement concrete mixing on concrete strength, the loss of concrete strength caused by hydration reaction, etc., but also avoids a series of problems.in order to avoid or simplify the vibrations of the cast concrete, only the sharp corners and special parts are vibrated. The "Qianyu artifact" crosses the concrete age of artificial rock mass and enters the JCRY technology age of artificial rock mass.

The research on JCRY technology has been successful, and the four major systems of artificial rock mass with cement as cementing material have been perfected, namely, cement mortar artificial rock mass system, cement masonry bonded structure artificial rock mass system, concrete encapsulated structure artificial rock mass system and JCRY technology rockfilll skeleton stone structure artificial rock mass system. The division of these four artificial rock mass systems is that cement mortar is an important one.auxiliary system, masonry and stone masonry are widely used in remote areas or some small structures where mechanical equipment can not be used, concrete is a small section of slab beam and column with special requirements and special situations, JCRY technology is a broad application in large volume or some aspects of foundation reinforcement.

1. Analyse the construction method and process of JCRY technology:

Cement dosage: 80-120 kg, intensity exponential: C10-C35;

Sand: As the construction method of JCRY technology forms the artificial rock mass structure of the rockfilll framework, the cement mortar stone is the auxiliary force in the artificial rock mass structure, i.e. The main force of the artificial rock mass is the rockfilll body frame. Just like the skeleton structure of human body, the skeleton is the first force to bear while the muscles are the auxiliary frame to bear various forces.

Mortar masonry is a bonded structure and concrete is a wrapped structure. The cement mortar in both artificial rock mass structures is under direct and complete stress, just like the interlayer structure of bone cushion, it acts equally under stress. Therefore, the quality requirements of sand used in masonry and concrete are very high. The requirements of sand used in JCRY technical construction are based on the use of artificial rock mass.requirements and filling effects are determined, which play an auxiliary role in various mechanical indexes of artificial rock mass, so the selection of sand is very loose, and different sand can be selected according to different structural requirements of artificial rock mass. In actual construction, it can also be adjusted according to the test properly. The requirement of minimum block diameter of well-graded filling block can be relaxed a little.small rivers, general roads, common foundation filling, mine collapse treatment, danger removal and reinforcement works mainly based on seepage prevention, small water retaining structures, temporary measures, etc., can choose local tailings and wind-blown sand to further reduce project cost. Even for large and important projects, it is not necessary to be too strict with sand as concrete.it is required that as long as indoor and field tests are carried out to meet the general requirements of the required artificial rock mass, bold use should be made. Because in the artificial rock mass of JCRY technology, the cement mortar is mainly used for filling and compacting. After the vibration compaction process of edge flushing and filling is adopted, the function of the rockfilll frame will be stronger! The performance of the original rock mass of the rockfilll body will be better!

Blocks: Blocks are available blocks with certain intensity exponentiales, such as construction waste, etc. The artificial rock mass structures required in the infrastructure construction of human society are various, some need rock mass structures like granite, some need rock mass like tuff, etc.some may be as long as the strength of the bricklaying is exceeded. The material of the stack block should be selected according to the material requirements of different parts of the building. The size and gradation of the stack block need not be too strict strictly. Considering convenient transportation, the maximum block is not more than 1/3 of the structure, which is a requirement to prevent uneven stress of the structure. The minimum block diameter is not less than 4cm solid.it can also be adjusted appropriately according to the test during the construction.

Block filling: The construction method of filling while excavating should be adopted for building foundation section. For spacious foundation trucks, excavators should be directly put into warehouse to smooth the warehouse surface until it is filled; for small sections, the foundation can be filled with shovel trucks or excavators. Loose sand may flow into the block during rainy season or on slopes before flushing and filling mortar, it should be filled.at the same time, the block is protected by geotechnical cloth. The filling speed of the foundation block determines the speed of the artificial rock mass, because even in running water, the filling speed of the mortar is much faster than that of the block. In addition to obtaining a rock-like foundation, the foundation construction with JCRY technology can effectively improve the stress distribution of the foundation. The flushing and filling mortar is essentially a kind of flushing grouting.in the process, the strong penetration of the cement mortar will extend the consolidation range of the foundation and become a large gradient base.

Block filling for the above part of the foundation. The key to block filling above the foundation is the formation of the retainer body. The retainer body is a shaped body used to fix the shape of the artificial rock mass, which is equivalent to the concrete placing template. The retainer body can be used in various forms of templates, various gravity prefabricated blocks, or various composite methods, etc. The retainer body should have the function of defining the shape of the artificial rock mass.the ability to seal the cement slurry is also required. In the construction of JCRY technical artificial rock mass, the selection of retainer form is particularly important, because the speed of formation of retainer often limits the speed of artificial rock mass, and the improper selection of retainer type also limits the thickness of each layer of filling. After more than 20 years of repeated research and experimental results, it is shown that hexagonal mortar masonry precast block is used as shell concurrence.considering the form of retaining body, it is a better choice for retaining body. This type of retaining body can not only rapidly form a speed adapted to the artificial rock mass, but also form a beautiful and strong appearance of the artificial rock mass. After the formation of retaining body, the larger silo surface can be directly put into silo by car, and excavator can cooperate with flat silo surface. Small section can be filled into silo by excavator or other equipment.the better the gradation, the lower the crack rate of the stack block and the less cement mortar is used.

Flushing and filling mortar: During the whole process of flushing and filling mortar, the internal friction angle of solid particles in the cement mortar tends to zero, accompanied by sufficient kinetic or potential energy until flushing and filling is in place. Flushing mortar is fast and takes a short time (2-10 minutes).this is the sufficient and necessary condition to ensure absolute compactness of flushed mortar stone body, which is the core issue of JCRY technical artificial rock mass. "Qianyu artifact" successful research not only solves the core problem of JCRY technical artificial rock mass, but also solves the problem of high-quality and high-efficiency mixing when concrete is centralized mixed and moved to the site!The mixing ability of a small and medium-sized "Qianyu artifact" is:water-cement ratio of 1:1 to 0.5:1 (weight ratio); lime-sand ratio of 1:2 to 1:10 (weight ratio).cement mortar, with cement dry material exceeding 100t per hour, is calculated with 100kg cement per artificial rock mass. As long as the filling speed of the stack block, the pumping capacity of the cement mortar and the combination of other processes are well coordinated, tens of thousands of artificial rock mass can be easily constructed every day for large buildings.cement slurry is stirred at high speed, eliminating the influence of cement concrete mixing on cement cementing intensity exponential. It takes less than one minute from cement mixing with water to cement mortar outlet, less than one minute from pump feeding to pouring, and no more than two minutes from cement mixing with water to flushing and filling into stable position in crevice of the block.therefore, the loss of cementitious intensity exponential of cement hydration reaction is basically zero. The whole process of cement mortar from mixing to filling is to strengthen the flow state of cement mortar, which has better fluidity and grouting ability than that of concrete which is waken up instantly by vibration.

In addition, there is enough energy to propel the sand and grout in the cement mortar into the filling area during the filling process. The density of the flushing mortar can also be seen intuitively from the 10-20 degree horizontal angle of the wetting line of the retainer during the filling process. Both theory and practice fully prove that the artificial rock mass of JCRY technology can be dense as long as the reasonable water-cement ratio is selected.the compactness of concrete can reach or exceed the compactness of concrete. There is no doubt that JCRY technical artificial rock mass has better self-impermeability function! JCRY technical artificial rock mass divides the block filling and flushing cement mortar into two processes, which can be completed continuously or separately at different times, for people in cold areas and special weather.the construction of rock mass brings great convenience and flexibility. Generally speaking, in the construction of JCRY technical artificial rock mass, the construction time of heap block accounts for 2/3 of the construction of artificial rock mass and the flushing mortar only accounts for 1/3. In cold season or other special weather, it is entirely possible to fill the block first and then select the appropriate time for the construction of flushing cement mortar.the construction method not only solves the construction difficulties in cold areas and special weather, but also creates favorable conditions for rush construction period. The thicker the layer, the better. The thicker the layer, the thicker the primary filling layer can be up to 100 meters. However, in actual construction, the primary construction height of the retaining body is often limited. Considering economy alone, the layer thickness of 2-5m is appropriate.

For the layer treatment, 3-10cm convex block should be reserved for the bin surface without vibration compaction, and the surface emulsion can be washed off before initial setting, so that the block construction on the upper layer can be carried out after initial setting. For the bin surface without vibration compaction, the surface emulsion can be washed out at the right time before initial setting and then the block filling construction can be carried out.

Fracturing: For the joint problem of large-scale artificial rock mass structure, it should be determined according to the results of simulation calculation of various stresses.

Reinforced artificial rock mass: The construction is basically the same as that of reinforced concrete except that some smaller graded blocks are used near the reinforcement to fix the shape and position of the reinforcement.

Construction site management: JCRY technology artificial rock mass construction site management is simple, clear and convenient. For the construction of large artificial rock mass, the blocks should be filled directly from the material yard without storage of the block material. The sand used for flushing and filling mortar should also be transported directly from the material yard to the construction site, while only a small amount is transported in at the side.temporary storage does not require large quantities of storage. Cement used in large artificial rocks should be bulk canned cement, which is economical and environmentally friendly. Cement tanks are directly related to "Qianyu artifact" high-speed mixing part docking. Before flushing cement mortar, the blocks, sand and cement tanks are not polluted each other. When flushing cement mortar, the "Qianyu artifact" is a sealed special equipment, which can completely achieve zero pollution to the surrounding environment. Cement mortar is conveyed by pumps. The inlet and outlet of pumps are point-shaped, which makes it easy to control pollution on the construction site.the road is very easy to form a rigid road surface, and all kinds of materials entering the yard and transporting in the yard will not pollute the surrounding environment. Careful construction measures can basically make the construction process approach zero pollution. The cement, sand and stone (orthopaedics) have been completely changed.repeated transportation, repeated pollution of the construction scene. To achieve clean, neat, zero pollution is the goal of construction site management and control, to achieve high quality, speed, low cost management objectives.

2. Technical parameters and indexes of JCRY technical artificial rock mass

(1) Permeability coefficient of flushing and filling mortar stone body

Due to the process characteristics, the flushing and filling mortar stone body has good self-impermeability. The permeability coefficient of flushing and filling mortar stone body can reach 1×10-6~1×10-8 cm/s.

(2) Volume weight of flushing and filling mortar stone body

After simple compaction, the bulk weight of the rockfilll can be determined by the following formula:图片1.png

In formula:γar is the volume weight of flushing and filling mortar stone body,γm is the volume weight of mortar,γst is the volume weight of stone and P is the porosity of stone. The above parameters can be determined by test. Generally, the porosity is 20%-30%, and the volume weight of stone body can be taken as 23KN/m3~25KN/m3.

(3)Compressive strength of flushing and filling mortar stone body

Flushing mortar stone body is mainly composed of rockfilll material formed by simple compaction. The stone forms framework support and flushing mortar forms consolidation function to aggregate in pore. Therefore, the compressive strength of flushing mortar stone body is formed by the combined action of stone frame and cemented mortar. The stone frame bears the main force transfer function, while the cemented mortar restrains and bears the stone body.thus, the compressive strength of flushing and filling mortar stone is related to the compressive strength of stone, the compressive strength of mortar, the density of stone and the natural grade of stone. The compressive intensity exponential can be analyzed by the following:.图片2.png

In the formula:par is the compressive strength of flushing and filling mortar stone body;R is the stone frame effect coefficient, generally R>1, which can be determined by test;pm is the compressive strength of mortar;pst is the compressive strength of stone.

To verify the compressive strength of flushing mortar stone body, a large1×1×1m block can be used for the compressive test to determine the index of compressive strength. Generally, the range of the index of compressive strength of flushing mortar stone body is:图片3.png

(4)Shear strength of flushing and filling mortar stone body

The shear strength of flushing and filling mortar stone body is related to the shear strength of stone, the shear strength of mortar, the compactness of rockfill and the natural grading of rockfill. The following equation can be used for analysis:图片4.png

Formula:tar is the shear strength of flushing and filling mortar stone body; R is the skeleton effect coefficient of stone, generally R>1, which can be determined by test;tm is the shear strength of mortar;tst is the shear strength of stone.

Generally, the shear intensity exponential of flushing and filling mortar stone can be determined by shear test of large specimens. The range of the shear intensity exponential is:图片5.png

The flushing and filling process of mortar makes the foundation rock have sufficient cement slurry and penetrate into the shallow cracks of the rock, which has certain consolidation effect on the building foundation. If the building foundation is embedded in the bedrock or soil, it will play a certain role in expanding the foundation. The above measures can improve the integrity of the building and foundation, the tensile strength of the building foundation surface and the stability against sliding along the foundation surface.

(5)Strain analysis of JCRY artificial rock mass

Influences of skeleton action and strain: JCRY artificial rock mass is composed of compacted and compacted rocks as its skeleton. Stress is transferred through the skeleton, which disperses stress and thus effectively controls stress and deformation.

Hydration temperature-strain effect: Due to the small amount of cement per cubic meter (about 100kg in general), the generated hydration heat has little effect on the whole structure of the artificial rock mass, so no temperature control measures are generally required. Even if temperature control is required in special projects, the requirement of controllability can be met by simple temperature control treatment.

Quality is a relative concept, different buildings and different parts of buildings have different quality requirements. JCRY technology can ensure the compactness and filling of the stack block, which is the basic precondition to ensure the quality requirements of various structures, leaving the selection and proportioning of various materials. For example, to enhance the quality requirements of seepage prevention, it is necessary to increase the amount of cement used and adopt thinner ones.sand, filling process, vibration compaction, etc. In general, impermeability of artificial rock mass under normal construction can meet the impermeability standard of conventional concrete, and impermeability should be considered only under special circumstances. Various intensity exponentiales mainly depend on the selection and proportion of various materials, including bulk material, sand content, cement intensity exponential, water-cement ratio, ash-sand ratio and bulk stack.gradation and other factors. The intensity exponential of JCRY technical artificial rock mass absolutely guarantees the quality after the determination of various materials and proportions. JCRY artificial rock mass itself has good impermeability and frame filling structure, which shows mutual protection between cement mortar and block in terms of durability and has good durability. Vibration compaction during filling is adopted.in this case, the deformation of JCRY artificial rock mass depends on the properties of the block material, which is similar to or close to the original properties of the block. In other words, the "Qianyu artifact" has played a role in guaranteeing the construction quality of the artificial rock mass required by various design requirements.

3. Cost analysis of artificial rock mass by JCRY technology

JCRY's comprehensive unit price is mainly composed of materials, equipment and manpower inputs. Firstly, cement has a greater influence on materials, but the range of cement price changes is small. The demand for cement by Filling mortar stone technology for buildings of the same volume is smaller than that by other methods, which can save cement consumption. Secondly, stone cost is saved and no special processing is required for flushing and filling mortar stone.natural grading is sufficient, requiring a lower price than aggregate price in concrete and stone price of mortar and masonry.

JCRY construction does not require large-scale special equipment, and conventional equipment can meet the construction requirements. Although special mortar mixers are required, their cost is much lower than that of concrete or rolled concrete, and the variety and quantity of equipment required are relatively small. The investment cost of equipment is much lower than that of equipment used to construct buildings of the same volume by other methods.

As JCRY process is simple, labor consumption is small, temporary land occupation is small, and energy consumption is low. Practice shows that comprehensive unit price of the project is much lower than other stone technology, and its comprehensive cost is equivalent to 2/3~1/3 of all kinds of concrete. The average 100 kg cement per artificial rock mass needs about 40 yuan, the comprehensive cost of large volume should be 100-200 yuan, and the comprehensive cost of scattered small projects should be 200-300 yuan. It is cheaper to use tailings, aeolian sand, mine waste or other wastes.

4. Energy-saving and environmental protection analysis of JCRY technology artificial rock mass

JCRY process characteristics determine that cementitious materials less than other stone technologies can be used to reach structures with similar stone technical indexes and meet engineering requirements. The main reason is that compacted natural graded stone materials bear the compressive and shear forces inside most of the structures and mortar bears a very small part of the forces. Therefore, the strength of cement mortar can be reduced appropriately and the amount of cement can be used accordingly.it can save a lot of fuel and power because of the small investment of equipment and no need for special temperature control measures.

There is no need for temporary construction sites such as concrete special aggregate screening yard and concrete mixing station in JCRY construction, which can save a lot of temporary construction land and reduce damage to the natural environment. Stone is transported directly from the material yard to the filling site during construction without secondary dumps and intermediate discards. No environmental pollution will occur in all construction links.

5. Analysis on construction speed of artificial rock mass by JCRY technology

During JCRY construction, each procedure can be constructed independently, separately or in a circular manner and in parallel. There is little interference between the three procedures of building shell masonry, stone filling and flushing and filling mortar. According to the specific engineering requirements, several flushing and filling systems can be used to carry out construction work simultaneously. Each flushing and filling system has continuous operation in all links such as slurry mixing, conveying and flushing and filling.by increasing the area of plane scouring and the thickness of primary scouring, the construction speed can be accelerated and the construction period can be shortened. The construction speed can reach several times or even more times of the speed of concrete construction.

III. "Qianyu artifact" is the general equipment for concrete and JCRY technology

Qianyu artifact" is a mobile concrete mixing station with small structure and easy movement. It can be driven anywhere you like a car. Medium-sized "Qianyu artifact" can mix thousands of concrete per hour, which is beyond the reach of ordinary concrete mixing stations. "Qianyu artifact" concrete mixing is a continuous flow-water mixing method. It takes less than 1 minute from the mixing of cement with water to the concrete outlet, less than 1 minute from the concrete pump to the pouring surface and less than 2 minutes from the mixing to the pouring.high-speed mixing with cement slurry can completely eliminate the influence of cement concrete mixing on the intensity exponential of concrete and the influence of hydration reaction from mixing to pouring on the intensity exponential of concrete. Since the flow state of concrete is forced to be strengthened during the whole process from mixing to pouring, concrete can be poured free of vibration or with less vibration at some sharp corners.replenish vibrations at locations or in special locations only. "The Qianyu artifact" replacing the traditional concrete mixing method with high energy consumption, high pollution and high equipment input will not only greatly reduce the cost of concrete artificial rock mass, but also fundamentally make practical contributions in energy saving, environmental protection, ecology, low carbon emission, etc. Especially for commercial concrete, it is of great practical significance. The centralized mixing station of commercial concrete is usually set on reliable basis.sand and stone (concrete mixing) used for commercial concrete in urban areas or cities whether natural or man-made, they are extracted from mountainous areas or rivers and transported to centralized mixing stations. With the popularity of commercial concrete and the increase of investment in infrastructure construction, various vehicles transporting commercial concrete can be seen everywhere, running fast on urban and rural roads. Behind these phenomena, congestion is added to the already crowded urban roads.Add chips to concrete that is high energy consumption, high investment, high pollution and high carbon emission.

IV. Positive effect and significance of JCRY technology and development of "Qianyu artifact"

JCRY technology is a brand-new technology. Under the impact of high-speed cement slurry and fully mixed by the mixer, the sand is fully encapsulated by the cement slurry. The flow characteristics of the mortar keep the flow characteristics of zero hydration of the cement in a short period of time. The friction resistance is very small and it is easy to flow into the pore of the rockfilll. Traditional low-speed mixing reduces the structure of cement concrete mixing.strength of concrete; from the beginning of water addition, concrete is vibrated by mixing, transporting and pouring, which is the process of concrete changing from flow state to flow plastics and solid state and being awakened to liquefy into flow state by vibrating. This process also reduces the strength of concrete. High-speed pulper is used to mix the cement slurry with high-speed rotating water flow, eliminating the structure of cement concrete mixing; the mortar mixer instantaneously completes the mortar on-site.mixing and filling with mortar avoids the waking-up process of concrete, which reduces the strength of concrete and makes full use of cement.

Compared with other stone construction techniques, JCRY has the advantages of good quality, fast speed, low cost, durability, simple process, energy-saving and environmental protection, and full use of floor materials. It can completely replace the traditional masonry construction methods and the large volume concrete construction methods. It is a pioneering new breakthrough in the construction technology of large-scale civil engineering structure.the field not only directly saves huge investment for the country, but also greatly speeds up construction and accelerates the process of further improvement of people's living environment.

With JCRY technology artificial rock construction method, especially the "Qianyu artifact" the successful research and development of the artificial rock mass is clear in the choice of construction method, which has been elaborated before. JCRY technology artificial rock mass construction method does surpass the traditional masonry and concrete construction method, but it can not be completely replaced. In some small sections of slabs, beams, columns, etc., concrete structure is also indispensable. However, changing the traditional construction method of concrete is to improve mixing.the speed of construction method, cost reduction, energy consumption reduction, environmental pollution reduction and damage to natural ecology of tuff artificial rock mass are the most urgent problems to be solved. "Qianyu artifact" can perfectly solve the existing fatal problems of concrete. With the "Qianyu artifact" the concrete mixing station can be set up on the site, and all kinds of materials can also be directly transported to the site, with how much and how much transported, along with shipment, even if need to be stored in small batches, so as to avoid repeated transportation of various materials. The construction process is entirely under the independent control of the construction enterprises, so as to avoid the influence of faults of concrete transporting vehicles and other factors during the pouring process.normal concreting construction of concrete results in unnecessary construction joints and wastes and other accidents. With regard to uniform performance index of concrete and convenient quality supervision, now is the age of advanced electronic information and network information, which can be monitored and managed remotely through electronic information and network information. "Qianyu artifact" fully automatic equipment and network connection can also be formed, and the whole process of operation can be remotely operated, monitored and managed.it provides great convenience for concrete mixing and reform. It can avoid the problems of high energy consumption, high cost and high pollution caused by repeated transportation of various materials, and also solve the problems of influence of ordinary mixed cement concrete mixing on concrete intensity exponential and influence of hydration reaction during long operation process on concrete performance index. "Qianyu artifact" it is a universal and high-efficiency equipment which crosses over the two artificial rock mass technologies of concrete and JCRY technology.

Ⅴ. The Qianyu artifact is the magic weapon for protecting the earth.

The united nations held another world climate change conference, which made clear the importance of controlling energy saving and emission reduction to human destiny. However, how to truly solve the contradiction between human social development and environmental pollution and climate warming, which is a common concern of human beings, is a problem that human beings expect together. Shenyang Qianyu water conservancy co., ltd. Has been studying for more than 20 years.one question and published a series of systematic scientific research results! The results of the study (except for political and military)first, energy saving and emission reduction projects are very complex, but there are two major ones facing human beings: One is the artificial rock mass technology which human society relies on to improve or replace concrete with high energy consumption, high pollution and high investment. In these aspects, shenyang Qianyu water resources co., ltd. Has successfully developed JCRY technology artificial rock mass technology, andcreated the "Qianyu artifact" it fundamentally solves the artificial rock mass technology required by human beings; secondly, the improper use of water resources, which involves the concept of mountain and river management. It is well known that water resources come from natural ocean and land circulation, the multi-year average of natural precipitation, and most areas of land should not be short of water! Moreover, the water resources provided by nature should not be scarce.sources can be supplied by self-flow. In reality, the use of water resources is that some water engineering measures are basically "Close to the city" flood protection measures. Even if there is certain control over flood capacity and storage of water resources, it is too small. This is because the largest river is a curve on the map, and the largest reservoir is a point on the map. Depending on the point and line, it is impossible to store the large amount of water resources given by heaven! Moreover, it is easy to produce peak overlap in the event of excessive flooding, causing even greater flooding.natural disasters! It is impossible to solve the problem of water and soil loss only by harnessing mountains and rivers on rivers. Human beings should focus on the vast land, starting from the source of rivers and valleys to form a "Sponge" of the earth.to gradually achieve complete control of water resources and energy resources in each watershed, not only to eliminate flooding disasters, but also to store enough water resources to eliminate drought disasters. Avoid underwater mountains, and then consume a large amount of energy to lift water from below the mountains or to divert water greatly across mountains. The use of water resources consumes a large amount of energy, especially human and material resources and energy consumption.Actual problems. Shenyang Qianyu Water Resources Co., Ltd. has put forward a new scientific and practical concept of mountain and river management, namely, energy replacement and natural climate adjustment of nature."

With the "Qianyu artifact" human beings will surely come true when they lift rivers and adjust wind to divert water.

Judging from the weight of one ton of cubic water, rivers help to balance the weight of the earth's plate.

From the point of view that a cubic meter of water needs or releases 1,000 calories of heat when the temperature rises or falls, the river acts as a balance to the temperature of the earth (climate);

Judging from the fact that a cubic meter of water differs from each other in height and may generate about 7.5kw of green electric energy, how much water energy can be stored and developed by the river in the vast valleys and ditches of the land, and these energy sources are continuous sources of green energy. This is the only way to fundamentally solve the problem between man and nature!

Cement is the application age of four systems of cementitious material. It is difficult to classify cement mortar, masonry and concrete accurately. However, JCRY technology should be started in 1997.

Cement as cementitious material in different stages of development of artificial rock mass technology has brought great changes to human society. With the rapid development of human society, more and more reliance is placed on artificial rock mass technology, "The Qianyu artifact" the success of research and development brings the artificial rock mass technology with cement as cementing material to the extreme! Introducing the artificial rock mass into the mythical scene with extremely simple equipment, the rockfilll body will instantly become the rock mass people want, surpassing the power, magical quality and magical speed of thousands of horses. It is really impossible to imagine!

What will happen in the world when human beings enter the era of "Qianyu artifact" infrastructure construction has been speeded up substantially, natural ability of transformation by nature has been greatly enhanced, material richness has been achieved, and natural disasters have been eliminated.

VI. Identification of relevant technical achievements

This is a key issue in the popularization and application of technology. Because these technologies are independently developed and studied, they have not always been listed in the technical development of the country. Even if the relevant departments are listed in the catalogue of new technology promotion (ministry of water resources in 2013, Liaoning Department of Water Resources in 2020), there are also local codes of Liaoning province (DB21 Liaoning local standard. Technical guidelines for flushing and filling mortar stones)however, there are still some controversies and doubts on practical application. JCRY technology and the "Qianyu artifact" are practical techniques, the latest discovery and invention of cement application, and some core technical books are not available, so it is impossible to use traditional theory to identify them. The only correct method of identification is to use practice to test them!

The problem of holding up rivers and rivers is not a fictitious idea, but the combination of wisdom of practitioners and wisdom of ancestors. I am the son of a farmer living on a hillside. When i was a teenager, my father led us to take up shovels and picks to the hillside every spring to repair or excavate new flood interception ditches. Sometimes i was tired and complained about my father for digging so deep, so long and so many interceptions.When he grew up working in water conservancy, he suddenly understood his father's good intentions. He led us to use spades and picks to intercept floods on hillsides to the east or west ditches, and sometimes to intercept them into further ditches with very easy valleys, so that the floods would flow around the mountains. He not only protected the houses, but also the fields. He also understood that his father had been working for us.What need not be simply reinforced after the flood control measures and rural flood control measures, some measures are very soil, not to mention noble, but very practical. Every year as long as the flood interception ditch on the hillside is repaired in place, no matter how much rain falls, a family can quietly listen to the rain in the house. A water conservancy worker should use modern technology and eyes on the basis of practitioners.enlarging the whole earth will not only intercept floods more scientifically, but also store them scientifically and reasonably, so that water can not go down mountains and sediment can make good fields on the spot. Never put all your energy on directly protecting houses. This is a kind of "Soldier facing the city" passive flood control methods. What's more, most of the flood should not be wasted. Only a little residual flood should be wasted. When the flood goes down the hill and centralizes into the river, it can only be intercepted and stored. Only a small amount of residual flood and residual water energy can be controlled. It can not fundamentally solve the problem of natural disasters, and only residual water resources can be used to transfer water left, right and up.even if a huge investment is made, great energy will be consumed when using it, which is the "Way to go up a hill with stones on your back". With the "Qianyu artifact", "Wisdom of practitioners", and ancestors in "Liangzhu"Inspiration from water conservancy, it is not an empty dream to hold water resources and energy resources in river basins under control, but a realistic need that must be realized, a need for human to eliminate all kinds of natural disasters, a need for the harmony of heaven and earth, and a need for human to really enjoy nature. Air-conditioning and water-conditioning is not a myth, and it is not a method to revere the goddess of wind, sea god and the goddess of thunder by burning incense and burning paper.if you understand the core technology of tile formation fire drying and the basic attributes of various fluids, as long as you compare the mountains and rivers in different areas of the earth to flues in different fire drying, you will understand that tile formation is the best choice for regulating wind and water. Small and flexible tile formation is the best choice for regulating wind and water.we can realize the desire of human being to regulate air and water. Similarly, it is impossible to identify air and water by traditional theories, because there is no such thing in books. The method of identification is simple, that is, to carry out earth simulation test based on the principle of brickwork pan fire. Practice tells the truth, theory must be combined with practice, and practice is the only criterion to verify the truth. This is also standard and the fundamental difference between materialists.

VII. Management issues concerning the promotion and application of Qianyu artifact and related technologies

The related technical achievements of Qianyu company are all scientific and technological achievements needed by public welfare undertakings, which are different from those of common civil undertakings. Their promotion and application directly affect the development speed of the country. Therefore, they should not and should not be put into the market for pure economic speculation just like the relevant national policies. The best way is to transfer them to our motherland and let our ancestors know as soon as possible.country leads the world. If out of helplessness the basic principle of alliance development and operation is to share dividends from science and technology, including dividends from direct investment in projects and economic dividends from accelerating construction. The object of comparison should be conventional concrete with the same local quality standard and large volume artificial rock mass structure. Each party can generally save about 200 yuan of direct investment.alliances may share dividends of between 40 and 80 yuan. Other dividend sharing should be determined amicably through negotiation on the principle of equality, mutual benefit and mutual respect. The dividend sharing among alliance partners has been clearly defined. Alliance partners rely on sharing these technological achievements to develop and strengthen their businesses by dividing dividends that save cost in social service.enterprise benefits are shared in development contributions. For Qianyu company, all the dividends shared will be used for the improvement and redevelopment of scientific and technological achievements. Qianyu company solemnly promises that it will not abandon scientific and technological research even if it is poor and difficult; and it is impossible to leave the spindle of scientific and technological research even if it is rich and developed. What's more, it is glorious and great to use nature to transform nature.permanent subject of!

VIII. Prospects

1. Millennium project: The so-called millennium project means that the service life of the main part of the project exceeds 1000 years; the water conservancy project means that the service life of main retaining and retaining structures exceeds 1000 years; the water retaining capacity retains and utilizes flood once in a thousand years; the service life of important buildings for river regulation exceeds 1000 years; the foundation service life of road works exceeds 1000 years; rigid foundation should be adopted.foundation flexible surface. Pavement can be regularly repaired, while the foundation is permanent; the foundation or main body of important buildings such as port terminals, national defense, geological disaster protection, airport runway etc. Has a service life of more than 1000 years. There is a "Qianyu artifact" the construction method of artificial rock mass can easily realize the millennium project step by step, with which people's various ideas and concepts will change greatly, especially the concept of mountain and river management.

2. Green great wall: The green great wall is the inevitable product of the world green revolution, especially the shell of various buildings. After using hexagonal mortar stone masonry prefabricated blocks, the top surface of the great wall becomes more vivid and vivid. In mountainous areas, one layer, the flood interception ditch around the valley of Panshan mountain and the water retaining dam forming Tianchi form a green great wall together; one green great wall can be built according to the place.for the needs of topography and water resources, Tianchi can be built near by, across river basins, or the green great wall can be combined with tunnels to intercept and guide the flood of rivers or valleys downstream. Wild valleys form Tianchi. For a river basin, it is planned to gradually form layers of green great wall according to the specific conditions of topography and landforms so as to realize once in a thousand years.flood can also be controlled and utilized through storage; in the grasslands and deserts, a green great wall like a dragon forms. Within the great wall, sufficient water and energy are stored; the vast water surface is an aquaculture area, the water level change area is a vast ranch, above the ranch is a vast fertile cultivated land, above the cultivated land is a vast green area; outside the great wall is the water people want.various treasures such as production, pasture, cultivated land, greening, etc. Grasslands and deserts form a distinct green world. With the "Qianyu artifact" wide application, storage and utilization of water resources and water energy can also be determined according to the following three types: Storage type, development and utilization type and comprehensive type. The storage type is the one with sufficient storage capacity of water resources and is the key to flood control. Where low utilization value such as waste ditches and valleys should be utilized as far as possible. The storage type of water retaining structures can generally have no or less discharge.the flood gate is only equipped with water intake facilities. The development and utilization type can also be referred to as transitional utilization type. Some existing water retaining structures can be transformed into development and utilization type. By strengthening the upstream of existing water retaining structures, the storage type water retaining structures can control the storage of mud and sand and extend their service life to the greatest extent possible. Whatever the type of water resources, water energy control and utilization of water retaining structures.flood discharge facilities will be reduced or cancelled in buildings. Water and water resources will not be used or released. The release also needs to be determined according to the control and dispatch of the whole river basin. We should really control and utilize water resources and water resources in large and small river basins. The great green wall is an effective means for human beings to lift rivers, the formation of the great green wall, and the water of the yellow river.it will not be yellow any more. The utilization of river beaches and the development and utilization of fertile land in flood control and flood detention areas provide strong guarantee, and the river becomes a stable and controllable passage for the circulation of land and marine water.building a green world is not a dream. As long as people have the correct concept of managing mountains and rivers and with the efforts of several generations, the world will gradually realize a green world in the near future. It will not only eliminate all kinds of natural disasters and achieve the unity of heaven and earth, but also greatly enrich the material life. The symbol of forming a green world is the formation of the green great wall. The green great wall is not only to give rise to a big city.earth, has formed a magnificent and lasting landscape, and provides the lasting protection and source of continuous material supply for human survival!

3. Full of hope for the future world: "The Qianyu artifact" provides a magic weapon for human to use nature to transform nature; it holds up rivers and channels to regulate water and wind, and explores the practical direction for human to govern mountains and rivers. These are all practical green technologies and bridal clothes for decision makers at all levels.The application of these technologies has a tremendous impact on the development of a region, a country or even the world. The first application of these technologies by one region or country will soon surpass that of other regions or countries, so they will enter the "Qianyu artifact" times are a necessity of history! It is inevitable that human beings will enter the era of green revolution. Only in this way can the world truly achieve harmony between heaven and earth, eliminate all kinds of natural disasters and achieve great material richness, and ensure a stable and happy life for future generations of human beings!

4. Assumption of technology popularization and application: These technologies are independently developed and studied. These technologies are not ordinary civil technologies, but public welfare technologies needed by the country. They must not be simply put into market operation, which is not only bad for the poor country but also for their own nationalities. Connecting with national development strategy is the most difficult problem. It is helpless to adopt alliance method and network publicity for development and application.the purpose of these technologies development and research is to contribute to the water conservancy cause and the management of mountains and rivers in our country. For more than 20 years, though we have had a rough and bumpy journey, our initial intention remains unchanged. We are determined to dedicate these technologies to our country and our mission is continuing. The only purpose of all calling for is to dedicate these technologies to our country and let our country lead the way! This is what a real Chinese should do! To do this, bow hard and die later! The sun always shines after the wind and rain, and gold will surely shine! Light will surely start the earth of our motherland! May our motherland lead the world to a truly safe and prosperous road!

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