Qianyu Water Resources Co., Ltd

   Shenyang Qianyu Water Conservancy Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenyang Liqian Water Conservancy Technology Development Co., Ltd.)Based on Liaoning Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design and Liaoning Huayan Basic Treatment Co., Ltd., it was established in 1995 and has cooperated with Shenyang Agricultural University for a long time. The Company is located in Shenyang North New Area, and uses nearly 100 mu of land together with Shenyang Qianzhenkang Kom Carp Breeding Co., Ltd., which belongs to the company. This is a place where ground gas is used. It is also the experimental base for studying JCRY technology.It is an experimental base for studying the characteristics of ecology and fluids. The company has the ability of design, construction and scientific research in water conservancy and related industries, and has unique treatment methods for many practical technologies.
   JCRY technology simply means using cement as cementing material and sand and stone (aggregate)JCRY technology is a special technology for artificial rock mass, which discovers the special properties and characteristics of cement from practice and is a scientific and technological achievement through a series of indoor and outdoor tests and some actual engineering tests. The core technology has been reported to many national patents in China. Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision issued and implemented local standards in Liaoning Province on February 22, 2018.Technical Guidelines for Flushing and Filling Mortar Stones (DB21/T 2921-2018); JCRY special equipment "Qianyu artifact" has been developed successfully, forming a complete technical system.

I. It is applicable to all fields of human social infrastructure construction; It has opened the shackles of traditional mortar masonry and concrete on the development of human society; Inject power into the development of human society!
II. It has contributed a magic weapon to the green revolution of the human world.
III. It provides sufficient and necessary technical guarantee for the new concept of mountain and river governance.

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